Wine should work for any kind of budget and taste. 

That is why we make tastings of all kinds so we can make sure we can accommodate both your budget and wishes. 

Are you super hooked on Germany, chardonnay, Champagne, maybe sur lie? 

We are too and we want to explore that with you. 

Only the fantasy decides the themes.

We have guarded ourselves with the best importers so we can guarantee a unique experience for you. 

       Set price tastings:

Good company for my wine

Wine, wine and more wine

Both wine and food can be amazing. 

Together, it can be incredible, especially if you have a few good and simple principles up your sleeve.

Let's explore!

A tasting of 6 wines with small foods

for pairing. 

550kr pr person

minimum 5 persons

An evening where we learn the basic principles of winemaking, how the different wines are made and why there is such a big difference in what we taste.

In others words, an evening where we taste a bit of everything!


A tasting of 5-10 wines.

300-1000kr pr person

minimum 4 persons. 

        Other  tastings 


Price varies by agreement

Orange is the new everything

Orange wine has existed since we knew it was possible to get drunk on grapes.

Still, it has only started to get really popular now and it's about time.

It's delicious, diverse and can be found in so many different places..

We'll explore the different styles, both the ones amazing on its own and the ones prefect for food. 

A tasting of 4-8 wines. 

Find your soulgrape! 

Sometimes you taste a wine that is so great and exciting that you completely forget to ask the sommelier or host what you are being served, cause you are too busy enjoying. 

This tasting is focussed on learning how to distinguish the grapes from one another and being able to distinguish one from another.

Tasting can be red, white or a nice mix of different types. 

Holy alcohol

Something completely different, but just as amazing - fortified wines!

Where are they from, how do they taste and why are they amazing, both on their own and with food? 

A tasting of 4-8 wines with light snacks