My name is Anna, but my friends call me banana! I am a sommelier and have worked in the restaurant industry since I was 17, working as a dishwasher in a small café in Christianshavn. Since then I have broadened my horizon in restaurants such as Orangeriet, Kokkeriet and 108.

Through my work I discovered my love for wine and now it is my space.


My interest in wine is driven by the social aspect of it. Friends meet, colleagues break the ice, love is found; all of that, wine can do. I wanna be a part of that and with Viti I can share all that with you!

My name is Jonathan and I work as a sommelier at Ti Trin Ned. I graduated along with Anna from the Danish sommelier education in november 2017. Since then I have become a member of the Danish sommelier association and Court of Master sommelier. My professional background includes restaurants such as Kokkeriet, Henne Kirkeby Kro and Under Lindetræet.

I first fell in love with wine when I was 22 years old and the interest grew very quickly and became my passion!

what caught my eye about the world of wine is how the beauty of nature meets an ocean of impressions.

It is a world where you can be both surprised and fascinated, and also it just tastes amazing. 

We met when we were both studying to become sommeliers.

After we graduated, Anna went to California to make wine while Jonathan was named best sommelier under 30 in Denmark!

After two years we missed each other and partnered up to live out a dream, and that is to serve great wine to great people who wants to taste.


Welcome to Viti!

You can give us a call anytime, if you have ideas for a tasting or any other questions. 


Jonathan Gouveia

phone: 24438283


Anna Davidsen

phone: 31390777